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Nikola Badger – Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Battery Pickup: 600 miles Range (967 kms)

Nikola Badger, Nikola Hydrogen Truck

In November, soon after the uncover of the Tesla Cybertruck, Nikola CEO Trevor Milton picked the ideal time for the principal look at Nikola’s pickup planned – Nikola Badger “to hit a more extensive market.”

Around then Milton prodded Tesla CEO Elon Musk over Twitter that he was “glad to let you construct it since we won’t.”

Nikola Badger Tweet,
Nikola Tweet

That ends up being a smart stretch of reality (or possibly the goal). Nikola plans to construct the truck, it reported Monday—with a yet-undisclosed at a bargain date, and through an OEM organization not yet uncovered—and maybe most eminently, it will have a scope of up to 600 miles.

That range originates from having basically two vitality stockpiling frameworks ready: a hydrogen tank and energy unit, just as an electric-vehicle battery.

Nikola says that the Badger accompanies a 15-kw power yield that can run for 12 hours—enough to supplant a portable generator by and large. The Badger is likewise, it says, planned “to deal with what a development organization could toss at it” while additionally being equipped for outflanking other every single electric truck available—future ones, we’re accepting, as there are none at this point.

Nikola Badger :- Pics Gallery

The Badger can go 300 miles independently on a full charge of the battery when hydrogen isn’t accessible, however it seems to offer pinnacle execution that is directly in the region of Rivian or the Tesla Cybertruck : 2.9 seconds to 60 mph, or fit for towing a 18,000-pound trailer from a halt up a 30% evaluation.

Through “cutting edge mixing of batteries and power module,” Nikola says that it can work on evaluations of up to 40% and do rehashed 0-100-mph dispatches without a misfortune in execution. It additionally makes reference to the truck’s solidness in temperature boundaries—long a boundary for power module innovation.

Some portion of that is because of the Badger’s utilization of a supercapacitor framework—so far a stunt that has been held for supercars and a couple of other propelled tech test vehicles.

Nikola guarantees up to 455 drive (or 906 hp top) and 980 pound-feet of torque. The battery pack is a 160-kwh lithium-particle one, while the power device can put out 120 kw.

In the event that and when the truck makes it to advertise, the entire business will probably examine how Nikola drivers balance the utilization of hydrogen and connecting. Toyota let us know as of late that it maintained a strategic distance from the chance of introducing both power module tech and a sizable battery with module run in its Mirai in light of the fact that individuals would charge at home and not utilize the maturing hydrogen foundation.


Nikola is at present arranging its own system of 700 hydrogen filling stations, to be utilized by its power module semis. So the pickups might cause a decent enhancement to assist with supporting the mammoth monetary expense required by that.

Nikola Badger Price / Cost :

Though Nikola Badger price is not announced yet. However, we can predict the price to be similar or more than that of Tesla CyberTruck.

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