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Kymco unveiled RevoNex – its upcoming electric bike.

Revonex fastest electric bike with Sound. EICMA 2019

Kymco RevoNex

Taiwan automaker Kymco recently unveiled its upcoming electric bike concept RevoNex at the EICMA 2019 Milan auto show.

This bike looks futuristic and elegant in terms of design just like Revolt R V 400, RevoNex is also having an artificial engine sound to excite the bike riders.

Fast electric Bike, upcoming electric bike unveiled.
RevoNex unveiled at EICMA 2019

Coming to the bike specifications, people who are looking for a high-end electric bike with gears, this motorcycle is a treat for them for sure because this Bike is equipped with an advanced 6 speed gearbox that allows the biker to enjoy the ride feel of a conventional motorcycle.

The  RevoNex features:

  • All LED headlamp and tail lamps
  • TFT instrument cluster
  • speed battery indicator in range.
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Dual Disc Brakes at the Front and Single Disc Brake at the rear.
  • Electronic ABS
  • 6 Speed Gearbox
Fast electric Bike, upcoming electric bike
TFT Instrument Cluster on Revonex
Fast electric Bike, upcoming electric bike with 6 speed transmission.
6 Speed Transmission on Revonex

In terms of speed the RevoNex accelerates 0 – 200 km per hour in just 3.9 seconds and its top speed is an answer to all the electric vehicle critics because this motorcycle has a maximum speed of 205 km per hour in just 11.8 seconds.

Fast electric Bike, upcoming electric bike with gear.

Kymco haven’t unveiled other specifications and details like range, battery capacity, motor specifications.
RevoNex , this high-performance electric motorcycle will be launched into the market by 2021.

Fast electric Bike, upcoming electric bike.

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