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Hyundai Prophecy – Concept 2020 Revealed.

Hyundai Prophecy, Hyundai Electric

The Hyundai Prophecy is another electric idea vehicle that, as its name proposes, looks toward what’s to come. Right now, future incorporates independent driving.

As demonstrated by a past secret, the Prophecy takes an alternate structure course from Hyundai’s past 45 electric-vehicle idea. Where the 45 included retro styling propelled by the 1970s Hyundai Pony, the Prophecy is smooth, moderate, and current. In any case, the Prophecy uses the equivalent “pixelated” lighting components as the 45, an element Hyundai said will continue to future creation models.

Hyundai Electric, Hyundai Prophecy, Hyundai with no Steering.
Image Credit : Hyundai

The inside is generally striking for what it comes up short on: a directing wheel. The Prophecy was intended for self-ruling driving, and along these lines doesn’t have ordinary manual controls. It has joysticks that give human travelers some level of control, despite the fact that Hyundai didn’t completely clarify how that course of action functions.

Hyundai Prophecy Interiors

Hyundai Prophecy Interior, Hyundai Electric
Image Credit : Hyundai

Hyundai didn’t discharge any specialized particulars, yet the Prophecy is likely founded on the automaker’s new committed EV stage.

That stage is likewise expected to produce electric models for the automaker’s Kia and Genesis brands.

While both Hyundai and Kia at present have electric vehicles in their lineups, they are variations of existing inside ignition or cross breed models, not founded on a committed stage.

Be that as it may, Hyundai has a second electric-vehicle improvement program underway. It’s working with Canoo to build up a second EV stage dependent on the last’s “skateboard” structure.

Hyundai Prophecy Dashboard, Hyundai Electric
Image Credit : Hyundai

That stage is relied upon to be structured in view of self-governing driving, albeit so far it has just been talked about as a reason for the Hyundai and Kia Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV). Expected for sharing administrations, the PBV is basically a case on wheels. An electric powertrain and absence of manual controls help augment inside space.

Hyundai Prophecy, Hyundai Electric, Hyundai No Steering Wheel
Image Credit : Hyundai

Canoo’s own electric vehicle has a comparative shape, however with customary manual controls. It will likewise be offered to singular clients, though through a membership administration as opposed to traditional purchasing or renting.

The price of Hyundai Prophecy is not yet revealed as of now, we will keep you updated once the same is revealed so, stay tuned.

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