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Aspark Owl, The World’s Fastest Electric Car

Aspark Owl Hypercar:-

Aspark has displayed the production version of the Owl, a fully-electric hypercar at the Dubai International Motor Show. The hypercar is considered to be the fastest accelerating car in the world with a 1.69 second zero to 60 mph acceleration time.

Aspark Owl, Hypercar
Stunning OWL Hypercar

Aspark will be the first to deliver a full-electric hypercar to customers in the second quarter of 2020. Production of the Owl takes place in Turin, Italy in collaboration with Manifattura Automobili Torino.

Aspark OWL

The Owl offers a 280 miles driving range and a top speed of 248.55 mph. It generates 2012 horsepower from four permanent magnet synchronous electric motors and a custom torque vectoring system. The motor delivers the torque of 2,000 Newton meters and the motor rotation is around 15,000 rpm, which is claimed to be the fastest in the world.

The Owl is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a total power output of 1300 kW. For automatic control, the bike is paired with a Battery Monitoring System. The Charge time for the Owl is 80 minutes with a 44-kW charging system.

OWL Electric Hypercar

The car is constructed from a single-piece carbon monocoque structure. It is provided with three levels of ground clearance and four driving modes. The Height of the car is 38.97 inches and weight of the chassis is 265 pounds.

OWL Hypercar
Aspark OWL – Carbon Black

The chassis also includes a honeycomb feature to absorb shock and increase safety. Body weight of the Owl is 397 pounds which uses stainless steel frames under a carbon roof. A double-wishbone hydraulic suspension is also equipped on the Owl, which allows the driver to adjust ride height from 3.15 to 6.30 inches. Finally, the Price of the Owl is €2,900,000 ($3,192,610). To reserve an Owl, a deposit of €50,000 ($55,035) should be required.

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